27 August 2015

[pdx] Morrison Street Bokeh, Portland, Sunday

I wasn't going to post this at first, but it's kind of grown on me.

I shared this on Facebook and got an unexpectedly positive response. I wanted a shot down this street (SE Morrison, coming west from SE 12th Ave)  in this light, the light at sunset as the smoky inflection from the east side infernos were finally getting out of town. The camera sometimes finds something in the foreground work focussing on and the everything else stays out of focus. Since I was in a a moving car, the moment passed very quickly, and I had this thing-of-the-moment.

Bokeh is, apparently, the artistic aspect of blur. This shot is loaded with it, the contrast between the reflections in the windshield in front and the back ground which is nothing but blur, and suffused with the amber light, all creates a feeling of subjection and atmosphere which is hard to quantify. You can see the Weatherly Building on the left there, but you'll find there anything you wish.

So, for the permanent record, here it is. Unexpected art. Maybe all that is why, even though I wasn't at first impressed with it, I kept it anyway.

It got a hold on me.

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