08 September 2015

[art] "I Got This": When The Wife™ Cartoons

My spouse likes to hide her light under a bushel in some ways. When it peeks out, it tends to be delighfully amusing.

The job of the bon mot in this house is typically left to me. I'm not just boasting here; of the two of us, and she'll back me up on this, I'm the one much less likely to be left to the so-called 'wisdom of the stairwell'.  She's brilliant, just not exactly in the ways where I'm clever, and that works the other way too.

So, a few weeks ago she dashed this out on a slip of paper over coffee at Powell's. The spots are my fault; I stowed it between two books to keep it flat and somehow it got damp there. I am a crap archivist. But the wit is all hers. This kept me laughing the rest of the night.

Just a simple whimsical thought, deftly accomplished.

I'm not the only wit around here. 

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Brenda said...

Oh, yeah, Sam. You are totally the wittier half of the pair of us. One of the reasons I love you and always have is that in addition to everything else you give me in life, you amuse me. Appropriately, at the right time with the right words. That's a highly special talent.

This one's the initial concept. I have a bit more finished version in my travel sketchbook. I still love the idea of 'fish with confidence', too.

- The Wife™