21 September 2015

[liff] The ZKT Mailroom: Paint By Numbers From Donna Barr

We get sent stuff occasionally from cartoonists. This is a delicious awesome hazard which comes from being acquainted with people with ebullient and generous spirits.

Today, we got this in the mail from Donna Barr:

Now, this is ever appropriate since I've blogged about PBN here, and Donna is famous for doing drawings like these:

Donna knows horses. If I'm looking for culpability, here's some evidence for that …

… which is a good translation and better than mine, because she actually speaks German, whereas I just make a jab at it betimes.

This made my day, need it be said?


Donna Barr said...

Hee hee hee hee hee. Wait, is that a whinny?

Samuel Klein said...

Close enough!!! :)