03 April 2016

[Out122ndWay] The Aliens Have Arrived Out On 122nd …

Or, at least, their tagger has. ET's no Banksy, not by a long shot, but I kinda dig his style anyway:

The above fella was spotteed on SE 122nd between Oak and Stark, on the old, boarded-up car wash on the lot between Ron Tonkin Honda on the north and the Astro station on the south, whereas this guy:

… was similarly eagle-eyed at SE Market (note the sign) and 122nd, on the same lot as the Plaid Pantry store, SW corner of that intersection.

Some things we can deduce from mere observation:
  1. The aliens are quite happy.
  2. They may need dental work.
  3. They are rather horny.
  4. They are good as opposed to evil (note the halo), and
  5. They have chin clefts that remind one, uncomfortably, of derrieres (or maybe it's me with issues, who knows).
So, let's welcome them, whoever they are. David Douglas is amongst the most diverse communities in Oregon, so a couple of ETs should fit right on in.

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