19 March 2016

[Out122ndWay] Mt Hood-of-the-Day: In the Bright Sunlight

I'm usually through this stretch of 122 way before this hour. Put it down to T.C.B. and working overtime. Which is a thing that happens.

Back to the usual corner at NE 122nd and Shaver, Rossi Farms, and this is what it looks like with it's the time before the sun has passed the meridian but is still somewhere south of fully-out-of-the-way:

The mountain entices because it dares you to look closer and see more. But there's all that light.

That is merely a cloud in front of the peak there. There is no eruption impending, thankfully. I'm in love with that outline, and would have for something to harm that profile (it's the same reason I'm not fond of the "Baha Bug" VW conversion, but that's another program). A Plinian eruption such as what ravaged Mount St. Helens back in 1980 isn't likely, though … it would seem that Hood just doesn't roll that way.

But still it wouldn't be much fun. Let Mt. Jefferson erupt. They haven't seen action down that way in yonks. 

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