13 November 2016

[Out122ndWay] Tiny Lions In The Library

Saturday, traditional Library day, I'm diarizing trying to make sense of the all, and what should I see but some rather feline patrons.

One was a wild African cat. Well, really just wild about playing with his friend.

The other, a most watchful micro-panther.

I needed the smile. Just the mere look at a cat and I smile. And I usually have a bit of an averse reaction to people bringing their personal pets into the library … I don't really think that's allowed … but these guys were pretty well-behaved. And nobody else was freaking, the fuzzbutts were in plain sight.

Sometimes, you need to see a kitty.

The micropanther was called Zimba:

And this is the other little guy, Leo:

They were in the possession of this young couple, who were taking them out so they'd get used to other people and the chaos of the street. We didn't find out about their story, but they were quite a nice young couple.

The Wife™, of course, handled the social interaction. I got some serious pets in and heard some serious purrs.


So it goes. 

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