05 November 2016

[Wy'East] The Third Mt-Hood-Shadow-On-The-Clouds Event Of The Year

Well, I'm back after getting through some stress. Some of it is dealt with; some of it, a little more intractable, but we're working on it. This caused a break in blogging, which see, which I'm hoping I'll break with this posting. It's got some pretty special pictures.

A couple of years back, many people got a shot of what seemed to be a rare thing: the rising sun casting a shadow on the underside of an overcast sky of Mount Hood, our Wy'east. I missed it that day. 2016's been a mixed bag but, I'll tell you what, I've more than made up for missing that boon. Times three. And this's the third.

I'll beg forgiveness for those on slow connections. I kept these pixs big.

It was fairly dark when I got to my Rossi Farms corner on 122nd and Shaver, parked Olivia (making sure all keys were my pocketses) and ambled across a very-quiet NE 122nd Avenue to the east side of the street. Experimented with settings. Got this nifty HDR image:

And a few more tries akin to this, which is not really memorable except in a personal way:

A close up that I played with colors a bit to make it a little bit psychedelic. Clouds are clinging to the parasitic cone on the south side, just below the summit.

Groovy, man.

It was getting on t'ward 7:45 AM and I was deciding to move along. And then I saw the beginnings of the shadow:

… and decided to stick. My whim was amply rewarded.

It just got better from there. People started shouting what sounded like good wishes toward me as I took snaps, and a lot of friends-in-spirit started pulling over, parking for a moment or two down Shaver Street as the shadow defined itself.

I don't remember this corner being this popular, even during the last shadowcast.

The sky lightened, the clouds became more memorable, as they do when they have the sun refracting through them in that way they do.

It became memorable. 

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