23 October 2016

[liff in pdx] Goodbye, Mike's Drive In

As reported in the PMerc, in this age of changeable Portland, a Sellwood stalwart may be going away rather too soon from the Sellwood corner of SE 17th and Tenino:
We are on a lease expiring first of year. Yes they want to redevelop the property and at this time they won't give us more time. That could change depending on many factors. But at this time we are sad to say Mikes in Sellwood has limited time. However this does not effect our other locations.
Mike's has been part of my Portland experience since the late 80s, when I worked at a place down in Sellwood called Superior Answering Service (yes, I've even worked in an answering service, back when such a thing was needed and we didn't have eight billion ways of leaving a message for someone). At the time I lived in Lair Hill on SW Porter Street (back when that was affordable) and the TriMet Line 40-Johns Landing connected both areas. That was pretty sweet.

More than likely, by January of 2017, Mike's at 17th and Tenino, 1 block south of Tacoma St, will be yet another palimpsest on the increasingly scraped parchment of Portland's social history. There will be two other Mike's … Milwaukie and Oregon City … but this is kind of an irreplaceable thing. The burgers there are quite yummy.

And so it goes. 


Alexander Case said...

Man, the Sellwood location is so much better and nicer than the Milwaukie location (which is right next to the railroad tracks).

The Oregon City location is really nice though.

Samuel Klein said...

I enjoy the Milwaukie location, for me, actually because it's close the railroad tracks. That's just the way I roll, you might say.

As far as comfort, though, the Sellwood location has it beat.