08 September 2017

[EagleCreekFire] 122nd And Stark: During The Smoke And After The Smoke

To give some sort of personal perspective, here again is the view from 122nd and Stark, looking south on 122nd. On the left, 122nd three days ago. On the right, 122nd this morning.

The most prominent difference - the ridge on the horizon, the shoulder of a local hill called Mount Scott, is much more clearly visible. The greens of the trees are more noticeable, more obvious. The air, clearer. the day, more vibrant (and busier ... but I was there about three hours later on the 2nd day.

We understand that the Eagle Creek Fire, while a long way from being contained, is being actively battled and some progress is being made. We are grateful to whatever human powers have been brought to bear. 

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