08 September 2017

[liff] Don't Panic, Oregonian. They Call It "The Sky".

Those of you up and out this fine day in the Portland Metropolitan Area may notice a decided change in the environment. The air seems ... brighter, cheerier, more beneficent. There's a luminosity that may seem unfamiliar to you. You may even find yourself expanding and contracting your chest more fully than you did.

DON'T PANIC. What you are seeing isn't some supernatural apparition brought on by the immanentization of the eschaton. It's something we used to have around here in abundance, something they used to call ... sky.

Strange word, sky, isn't it. When you say the word, it's over so quickly that you almost aren't sure you said it at all, but yet, it says so much. Sky. Roll it around the mouthal cavity. It's crisply edged yet rounded and soft at the same time. Sky. But what is this sky, exactly? Well, sit tight, Oregonian, prepare to get your mind blown, in the good way (by the way, that soft blowy stuff is called wind. We'll save that for lesson number two.

Now ... are you sitting down? Good. This may overwhelm you, but look:

No, no, don't panic! Don't cry! Get a grip, friend. Here, put your head under my arm ... okay, better now? Calm down. This is the way things were before. That is called sky. You see, sky is made of white things floating through that delightful color.

Oh ... color. Sorry, I get ahead of myself. Now those white things that look like lint? Those are something called clouds, and they're delightful cool collections of mist made out of water. And that thing the clouds are up in something called blue, and that's a color. 

I know. it's a lot to take in all at once, but you used to do it all the time. Freaks me out too that the air isn't a consistent murky mustard-yellow color (mustard-yellow is another color, and one we don't like so much any more) but remember, this is the way things were all the time not so long ago.

Blue. As a word, it has a lilt to it almost like sky. We like it a lot, now that we're seeing it again.

Now, you're ready for more. Look at this:

Okay, Oregonian, I hear you hyperventilating. Now you're doing it out of mild panic, instead of before, when you were doing it because you couldn't get enough oxygen to breathe. It's okay. You're doing better. I believe in you, okay? Now, there is more cloud and more blue. In the distance you'll see a high mound. We call that a hill. Before, when you were walking and you began huffing and puffing and the ground slanted up but you couldn't quite see why? That was hill before you could see them from a distance. This is what they look like.

The tall green fuzzy things are called trees. Trees kind of help sky by keeping it fresh, when things are like this. Trees like you, they just have a hard time showing it. Be nice to them. They're nice to sit under, now that you can see them.

Once again, tree against sky. This is what majesty looks like, now that you can see it.

Now that you can see them, and you can see they mean you no harm, aren't they nice? You feel the familiarity come back now; I can see you finding your Oregon foot again. It's good to see. Go out. breath the air, enjoy the blue, love the sky, make friends with the trees again.

You're gonna be okay, now things are heading back to the way they were in The Before. 

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