15 September 2017

[Wy'East] The Second Mount-Hood-From-Rossi-Farms Picture This Week. And A Sunrise

Today I was bound for home a little earlier than usual due to forces beyond my comprehension. The conditions weren't good for a stunning picture of Mount Hood but there she was ... visible. It's been a long time since there were two opportunities in a week, what with the atmosphere being what it's been, so that alone was worth pulling over.

This is NE Shaver Street just east of NE 122nd Avenue, and that's the sunrise, and the red color is undoubtedly because in the direction just out-of-frame on the left is the general location of the Eagle Ridge Fire, and there's still a great deal of smoke in the air that way even if it isn't evident from Portland's newly-clearer sky.

The mountain itself is just visible over the sheds and barns in the middle of the right half of the picture.

... and there it is, mighty Wy'east, in a robe of muted red and indigo. I love clear shots, but there's something to find in every picture, and the mood this casts is why I took it. Deep and resonant.

I did have a little fun in GIMP with this I did a sloppy lasso-select and the way the un-altered areas along the treeline stick out reminds me of a collage, taking two different exposures and pasting them together. The effect is a little chaotic and rather antic.

Just as I was taking these pictures, the sun was rising out of the turbulent, distant weather created by the Eagle Creek fire. The quality of the light was almost that of late afternoon or early evening than it was sunrise.

And, it's a reminder that the fire, even though it's not threatening us here in Portland and isn't polluting our air as much as it had been (it still is) and the Level-1 evac alert has been lifted for Troutdale, it's still a thing to be contended with, I-84 is still closed through the Gorge, and areas of Hood River County are now under Level-1 and Level-2 evacuation alerts ... some of which were closer to built areas of the City of Hood River than the Troutdale evacuation zone was to me here in the Hazelwood-Powellhurst area.

On a lighter note, the Canon S-100's 'Vivid Color' setting always is good for some great eye-candy. As please observe:

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