18 November 2017

OryCon 39: Alexander James Adams In Performance

Alexander James Adams is a treat that we OryConians have been priviledged to for quite a long time. We love him and he loves us back and it's become sort of a mutual admiration society. This is a good thing.

For a time, while Alex was still in Heather mode, he lived here in Oregon, but fortunes and times change, and he and his wife still live in Oklahoma, near Muskogee.  I mean, I can't criticize, but Oklahoma? Well, you thrive where you can, but ... Oklahoma? 

Now, I'm not trying to besmirch Alec's fortune at all, but this is literally the only, and I'm speaking personally here, nice thing to ever come out of Oklahoma. I've known a few people from Oklahoma. Their proudest achievement is leaving. That said, Alec let slip that, while he's not moving back to Oregon, he's going to hold more live performances out this way, and you know what? We'll take it.


Any Alex performance is a memorable one. I still recommend him to people who don't think they'll like folk music. They'll come away convinced that there is a least one modern folk artist they'll enjoy enough to buy music from. And as he travels down the road of Time, and we go along with him, his music puts on the patina of wisdom, touches emotions we didn't know we had.

I think Alex's website is needing some attention, but for those of you familiar with the magic of Patreon, you can get on board and help him create more music (including the occiasiona and keep up to date generally:


Alec also offers periodic online-live performances via ConcertWindow:


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