18 November 2017

OryCon 39: Cosplay Via Starfleet, Vegas Division

And, what 'con ... SF or otherwise these days ... is complete without a little cosplay?

The friend of mine pictured, who goes by the name of Sarah, particularly rocks the idea of the Star Trek: The Original Series female crewmember who came to the NCC-1701 by way of the Vegas Strip. Sparkly!

Everyone who loves Star Trek should know a friend like Sarah. She's the Trekkiest person I know. She Treks hard every day and twice on Sunday. She Treks so hard that there are little Starfleet insignia arrowheads left in her wake. I don't care how hard you Trek, my friend, Sarah was already there in front of you. She even Treks so hard that when I get weary from pop culture media saturation of Trek, she reminds me why it's cool to love Trek.

My sincere thanks to Sarah for allowing me to put her in the picture.

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