11 December 2017

DavidDoulglaslandia's Favorite Son

Oregon's Junior Senator, Jeff Merkley, is a person in whom I find much to admire and inspire. He's "Bedrock" through and through, and as long as we have him as part of Oregon's congressional delegation, I feel as though there's still a significant chance that things will stop going the wrong way and go the right way again.

From 1998 to 2008, he was State Representative from District 47, the area in which I live; in 2008, he became our junior US Senator. Doing good work, all the way.

But, something I shouldn't have been surprised at, I found out when we attended this hears David Douglas Holiday Bazaar, where we load up on home-crafted artisanal soap for the year, in the gallery of past student body presidents:

Jeff Merkely was DDHS student body president in 1974 because of course he was.

DavidDouglaslandia grows some notable people. As noted in another entry, some time ago, this 'dude' was also student body president.

You may have seen him in a movie or two.

I do wonder if Jeff thought, when he was student body president in '74, if it would end up with him on the floor of the US Senate during one of the most remarkable times of modern American history.

Me and The Wife™ are actually come-latelys to Douglasland. But we couldn't be happier here. Best part of Portland by far.

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