12 December 2017

NE 122nd Avenue, North and South

There is, just about twenty-five feet north of the intersection of NE 122nd Avenue and Sacramento Street, a pedestrian overpass.

Big 122 is wide. And there isn't a crossing signal north of NE San Rafael* St (which is the 2000 block north of Burnside) until the light at the onramp to I-84 eastbound, which is just south of NE Fremont St, which is close enough to three-fourths of a mile as to make no difference. So a pedestrian overpass is a necessity there.

Originally I was hoping to get an alternative viewpoint for future photos of Wy'east. No success there; too many trees to the east and southeast.

Eventually, Agent Cooper, one takes them for granted. It's the Cascadian way.

Speaking of ways, by the way, anyway: I didn't get a new look at Wy'east, but I did get a cool viewpoint just to peep the best street in the world.

This is NE 122nd Avenue looking north:

Big traffic-friendly swath straight-arrowing its way through a suburban residential district. And all those trees!

That yellow VW? Yep. Olivia.

The zoom-in is interesting as such:

Those hills in the near-distance, beyond the brownish tree groves that seem to be at the bottom of the dell beyond the brow of the hill are in Vancouver, Washington. That's how close another land is to me. I literally spend every living moment I can within the city boundary of Portland, but adventure for me is only a bridge-crossing away.

That traffic signal in the distance is at the onramp to I-84 eastbound. A curious creature that: That's the only eastbound exit/return between the I-205 mixup and 181st. Going westward, there's no street-level access from I-84 from 181st until the Hollywood district, an off-ramp at 42nd Avenue. That's a long way to go in a major city without a way off the freeway, folks.

The dim hills in the far distance are even more Washington than that, and the rosy color is, of course, from the destruction of Seattle by aliens. Or it could be the sunrise. Go with what promises more adventure.

This is Big 122 looking south from the Sacramento St Ped Overpass:

It's actually a little more commercial than you'd thing from this angle; the fringe of the neighborhood hides the ECR recycling yard (behind that tall tree there, you can see the low wall providing a visual barrier there going away from it), and the NE 122nd WinCo is visible behind tree (it's the cream-colored wall with the dark stripe). Some details are more visible in closeup:

You can glimpse the WinCo sign there on the right. That first signal there is NE San Rafael* St: there's a Taco Bell on that corner, and a Shari's just down the street fram that. The very next light beyond that is NE Halsey St; on the right hand side there an ARCO-AM/PM station's sign peeks out. Just behind that, and out of sight due to the angle, is Courtesy Ford, which was Marv Tonkin Ford back in the day; across from that, Russom's Nissan of Portland, which was once a Ron Tonkin dealership.

If there ever was a royal family of Big 122, I guess it would be the Tonkins.

And this is life one cold morning on the doorstep of winter in Oregon, Out 122nd Way.

* In Portland, "San Rafael" is pronounced "san-ruff-EL", not "san-raf-AY-el", as you'd expect. That's just Portland for you.

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