24 December 2017

New Fountain Pens: Preppy Platinum and KaWeCo PERKEO

A couple of pen acquisitions worth noting.

Despite using a Cross Classic Century for the majority of my handwriting I still pine for great fountain pens. For a long time, until Muse Art & Design closed, I used the Preppy Platinum. This, despite its name, is an affordable, well-made fountain pen for all; it is made of recycled materials ad available in two or three point sizes (I preferred 0.3 mm).

When Muse closed the only local brick'n'mortar art-store source I knew of of Preppy cartridges went with it, so I put up my Preppy for the time being. I'm happy to record here that Artist & Craftsman Supply, the national chain of widely-separated, funky, quirky, employee-owned art supply stores, has started stocking Preppy refills in its location on SE 21st just south of Powell Blvd.

Despite being a unit of a national chain, A&C has charmed us and the service there is very personal. As a matter of fact, after seeing they had Preppy but not the refills we put in a suggestion and a couple of weeks later they called us personally and told us that they were stocking them now, so we are duly impressed. Well-done, A&C!

The other pen was gotten from a little upscale-ish stationery shop at 3325 SE Division St called Little Otsu. The brand KaWeCo is from Germany, and the pen model is called the PERKEO. It's a thick-barrelled clipless fountain pen made in a more traditional style, and, unlike the Preppy Platinum, it accepts the standard international ink cartridge.

Top, Preppy Platinum 0.2 nib; Bottom, KaWeCo PERKEO "Old Chambray" style

The PERKEO is sold in four color schemes. The off-white and blue scheme I have is called "Old Chambray"; they have a scheme that has a black barrel and a pastel-ish, cherry red cap that is called "Bad Taste". There's a complete review of the PERKEO at the Pen Addict blog down this rabbit hole which is written by someone who loves pens more than I do which is possibly unhealthy but probably is actually really awesome and goes into much detail on it.

Left, Preppy point; right, PERKEO point

A close look at the two nibs gives an idea of where the two companies are coming from. Preppy's is unadorned, simple, down-to-business; KaWeCo's PERKEO demonstrates an attention to style and form one would expect from a German brand name whose legacy dates to 1883, even in a basic entry-level model.

I expect much handwriting satisfaction.


Katherine Stewart said...

You can buy Preppies and Preppy refills at gouletpens.com, andersonpens.com vannesspens1938.com and others. I had no idea you used Fountain Pens! I love them and have many. The Preppy is a decent pen, Kaweco makes good pens too, but I don't own any yet. You can get a lot of pen information at the Fountain Pen Network. You can eyedropper convert the preppy and fill the entire barrel of the pen with ink. Bottled ink is far less expensive than cartridges too. I have my preppy filled with Noodler's Blue ghost (it's only visible under UV light) It comes in handy for keeping track of the billions of passwords you have to have these days.

Samuel Klein said...

I hear you on the online sources. I much prefer to go to brick'n'mortar when I can and actively seek out those opportunities.

I've read about the 'eyedropper' pen and was pleasantly surprised at the MacGyverism inherent in the pen aficionado community when I saw that someone was converting Preppys to eyedropper. The KaWeCo could make a good eyedropper pen but it has vent holes in the bottom which would require sealing first.

I like the fact that sekrit writing ink is still in vogue somewhere. And I'm familiar with the Noodler's brand and admire its quality and the whimsy of is packaging.