04 July 2018

The Daily Paint By Number: Flying Fortress Progress - Moar Plane

I've filled in a bit of the big plane. It's coming-together-ish. ISH. Major ish. 

Visually, it's making more sense, with the dark parts of the plane now laid in, but the acid-trip clouds are still bugging me, and the numbers and lines that are showing through are just making me cry and die inside.

I'm past the halfway point now. When I get toward total coverage, if I have enough of those other colors left, I'll just go medieval impasto on it's ass, and see if that helps.

The thing that's distracting the most is the plum colored areas. That's the #5/#11 mix I mentioned previously. It's totally out of harmony with the atmospheric feeling of the rest of the painting.

Here's #5 (left) and #11 (right):

I think I used too much #11 and not enough #5. Like I said, I can remix and go over the areas after the rest of the work is pretty much done. Impasto that and not too much of the errant color should show through.

Excelsior, et. al.

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