17 July 2018

The Daily Paint By Number: The Sky Over The 50's Diner

... and on to our next project.

As promised, it's Royal & Langnickel's PAL28-3T, titled 50s Diner. It's a stereotypical roadside diner straight out of all your 1950s American fantasies, with two classic muscle cars parked in front. I'm starting with the sky and will probably do the ground then work my way in.

The sky is darkening to night, so it'll be deeply blue toward the zenith. This is accomplished by using #16, a royal blue, and #5, a lighter blue (we saw this one in PAL21, Flying Fortress) and a mix of the two.

Another plus on this kit is that the markings, while still readable, are done in a very screened-back blue. This will obviate the problem on my other two R&L kits, that is, markings that still show plainly through the otherwise-opaque paint.

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