02 September 2006

[bloggage] Introducing Chef Tony

This 'blog is not becoming a foodie blog; not that that's a bad thing, but it's a bit off-mission.

The minutiae would be threatening to overcome the other stuff, and they shouldn't. That's why we call them minutiae.

However, I would be remiss if I didn't comment on another local. Let's add to this that I think chefs and cooks are cool people. Cookery is a public art that everyone has a feeling on, and watching a good chef do thier job is like watching a painter work alla prima right in front of you, with the additional benefit that it's a lot easier to find chefs to watch than it is painters.

So, allow me to introduce Chef Tony, who had the decency to post a comment about one of my myriad commentaries on Chef Ramsay. He's just getting started with a site at http://www.cheflifeonline.com, so it's a little rough right now, but if we all give him some visitor love, I'll bet he'll come up with something worth seeing.

He works at a famous local restaurant that's a bit outside my budget range right now (that's just the facts, kids), but if any one of you folks stop by there, say "hi" to him for me.

Support your local chef.

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