21 September 2006

[design] Dreamweaver 8 Enters The Creative Suite

This is fairly big news if you're wondering what the next release of the Adobe Creative Suite is going to look like.

According to this article posted on CreativePro.com (and commented on by me at Designorati) Adobe is going to kick GoLive, thier web-authoring tool, out of the Creative Suite, and before the next full version release.

Apparently what's going to happen is Dreamweaver 8, nee Macromedia Dreamweaver 8, is going into the Suite and GoLive is getting cut loose as a stand-alone application. Not only this, but the new Suite, saith CreativePro.com, is going to be released in November as Creative Suite 2.3. It won't be Universal; that's not due till CS3, next year.

You lucky and wise dogs who have been on the CS train and have CS2 will only suffer $160 worth of damage. If you didn't think you needed CS2 and stayed with the CS, you'll be forking over $550. A new seat of the Suite will still be $1,200.

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