13 September 2006

[design] Have You Seen The New QuarkVSInDesign.com?

If you haven't, then you should.

QuarkVSInDesign is, of course, an association I am most pround of. Some four years ago, Pariah S. Burke, another of Portland's, hidden gems, noticed that entries on his 'blog, I Am Pariah, titled "Quark Sucks!", came up regularly in the top three on Google.com.

No mean feat.

The talk got so thick, as a matter of fact, that he eventually hit on the idea that "World DTP War II: This time it ain't PageMaker" had legs and needed attention of its own, and the world got QuarkVSInDeisgn.com, "The Authority on The War of the Desktop Publishing Giants™". Ever since then it's been doing the yeoman's work living up to that billing. Along the way, it picked up me.

Times change, and the digital design world hardly stands still; nor does QVI (as I call it to avoid having to type out the whole URL alla time). Quark 7 is out; CS3 is down the road just a little bit; the DTP War doesn't appear, to me, to be as close to over as it used to.

During the past few weeks, Pariah got busy, and QVI got a major makeover. Gone is the old color scheme, which some readers found a bit hard to read, to be replaced by some eldritch web wizardry implementing an office-supply motife that is the most fun thing I've seen in a while (index tabs, torn sheets back up documents, and you actually seem to be entering your comments on a Post-It™ Note.

Amazing how he does this. As usual, I stand in awe.

You guys don't have to stand in awe, you just have to get over there and avail yourself of the sassiest, most independent writing on the web about QuarkXPress and InDesign (and occaisionally, my own quite modest writing).

What are you waiting for? Git!

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