21 September 2006

[design, blog] Commerce Magazine Takes Note!

Thanks to a tipoff, we learn that we are getting a mench in a local magazine.

As hinted at in the previous entry, the Times has garnered a mention in the magazine Commerce,
published by the Daily Journal of Commerce. I understand the issue is themed in local design, and right there, in what appears to be an "A to Z" listing of interesting things, is my own humble missive mill, mentioned in the same breath as Blog-oMotives, Kamp Grizzly, and SportBucket.

We are thrilled to be considered in such company. Click on the graphic to see it bigly; here's the text of the part that mentions us:

Portland designers blog in–and about–thier downtime, too. Random thoughts and news from designer Samuel John Klein show up at zehnkatzen.blogspot.com, plus a click-through feast to Klein's current projects, such as Designorati.com and Quarkvsindesign.com.

It must of course be said that if it weren't for Pariah S. Burke, I wouldn't have Designorati or QVI in my portfolio. He's definitely the genius there.

We haven't seen the issue yet (though DJC was nice enough to pop one in the post for the asking–thanks, you guys), but thanks to the tip off of Friend Of Zehnkazen John Chilson at Stumptown Confidential, we got a look at the page. We don't know who put the article together yet, but we thank them.

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Jeff Fisher LogoMotives said...

Sam -

That's really cool. I hadn't heard/seen anything about it. Nice company to be in. Guess I need to see if they'll send me a copy of the magazine. Thanks for bringing it to my attention - and that of everyone else!

- J

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Well, you said it yourself: if you don't toot your own horn...

They should send you a copy for the asking for being mentioned...they are doing so for me.

I'm flattered, to say the least.