01 February 2007

[art] My Bob Ross Fandom; the Bona fide.

724. Reading over my last posting I realize that the motivated Ross method painter might take some of my viewpoints amiss. This is to be understood, and I would say that we can all have differing viewpoints and still respect one another; as I said, I am not trying to come off as a CRI (or any Ross painter) playa hata.

Serious about that! Still, even though I said that I was a fan of The Joy of Painting for a very long time, my less-than fully respectful opinion of the work of Bob Ross may strike some as–well, insincere.

But, despite its flaws, I never said that the Ross method doesn't deliver what it promises–the joy of painting. And I do find his work entertaining, for what it is; a novice's introduction to painting. I just don't think someone should get stuck there; creation also means growth, but I digress.

Anyway! The point of this post is to show off one of my proudest posessions–and to make a promise to the world at large. First, the dingus.

We Found This at Goodwill, I think...
Dig, if you will, this picture:

Seen late at night in my very own studio space, submitted for your approval, Bob's early acme opus, The Best of The Joy of Painting. This book, published by William Morrow in 1989 (and still available, as far as I can tell) after eight years of Ross on-screen goodness, collected 60 of Bob's favorites from those first years and compiled them so that anyone with the gumption to try could do so.

Each painting not only has detailed instructions but black and white illustrations for each step (admittedly b&w photos for instruction in color is a little annoying, but it kept the cost of the book down and if you've seen any of Bob's shows, you already have a good idea of what it's about).

We found this at a used bookstore, I think it was Powell's but it could have been Goodwill. It's fun to read the book, seeing Bob hawk his products up front and imagining his soothing dulcet voice purring out every word, but the real treat was opening to the front end papers and finding this:

Clicky, of course, to embiggen. Yes, you see it right; at the used bookstore, we found an autographed copy of Bob Ross's first hardcover compilation; Happy Painting, Bob Ross. This is kind of like when you find that masterpiece in your attic, I'll bet.

In the corner of the page someone priced it, in pencil: 11.95 Signed. They even knew it was signed and let it go for a song.

But I'm not eBaying this baby; I'm keeping it. This one's mine!

A Promise Goes on The Record

But still, as I said, I can see where my remarks may be seen as a bit amiss, a bit irreverent. That's a fair comment, though I mean no harm by them I find the slender thread of absurdity running through all of this.

But I don't hate the playas or the game; and to prove it, I'll make this promise, posted on a 'blog for the ages to record, and it's this....

On my Amazon wish list you'll find, at the top (or at least it was last I looked) the Bob Ross Master Paint Set. This is a kit which contains an instructional video, paints, a starter set of tools, and instructions for a painting. All that need be added by the aspiring artist is a canvas of appropriate size.

If anyone would like me to put my linseed oil where my mouth is, I promise that if anyone takes it upon themselves to purchase this item for me from the wish list, I will provide the canvas, and will, upon receipt of the item, complete the painting. I will do it with Ross materials, the Ross way, and will blog the whole process.

That, my friends, is a firm and fast promise.

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