02 February 2007

[pdx] Can We Please Not Do This?

726 We're original here in Oregon...just like those people in Pennsylvania. The Oregonian:
If Ke is to be believed, prepare yourself for six more weeks of winter.

The African hedgehog is the Oregon Zoo’s version of Punxsutawney Phil. But unlike her Pennsylvania contemporary, Ke spotted her shadow today.
These days, I don't believe anyone unless they're under subpoena and an oath.

I will cop to maybe not getting out as often as a person ought; having 2 jobs'll do that to you. But since when was this a tradition? I can't remember none but this year. Can't we do better than what someone in a small Pennsylvania town has done for publicity for years? Are we this desperate to have people love us?

Actually, I have a better idea for a truly Oregonized Groundhog Day; have George Taylor come out of his office in Corvallis at a set time on 2 February and tell us if he sees his shadow.

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