13 February 2007

[uspolitik] Stand Up for Mike Malloy

728 It's not news that KPOJ and Air America Radio is losing Al Franken, and even though he's not said so yet, if he don't run for Senator from Minnesota, we'd be very much surprised. In our view, he's made a name for himself as a talk radio host and could have comfortably spent several years doing what has become a very enjoyable show.

But he's leaving us on 14 Feb (happy birthday, Oregon...Abysinnia, Al), and KPOJ is going to have to shake up its sked in response. Thom Hartmann's going AAR-national, and we'll see if he has the legs to follow Al's act, but what to do with the rest of the day?

KPOJ has a Franken Feedback board up here. Along with leaving best wishes for Al, I believe that KPOJ is watching the messages to get an idea of who to have on next.

I, like many, am a big fan of Mike Malloy. I've sorely missed him since AAR's strange and mysterious firing of him. So I left a message that maybe we could have Mike on in the 6PM-9PM slot. I like Sam Seder, too, but I think he'd be better on at another time of the day, and with Mike back on in the early evening, he would at last be live in Portland.

If you are a Mike Malloy fan and want to hear him again, go to KPOJ's Franken Feedback and leave a friendly, respectful note (you'll catch more flies with honey, remember) that you'd like to hear him on for free on Portland radio.

I've missed him. I know many of you have too. So, stand up for Mike, and submit a comment!

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