05 August 2009

[art] "Where I Write": Kyle Cassidy Shows You Where Writers Create Worlds

2184.Anyone who creates has their happy space. I call mine my studio, even though it's more of an office, because not only do I write there I sometimes draw and sometimes paint.

Kyle Cassidy shows you, through photos, where some of the most well-known authors create what they do. As someone who has a happy place, they all feel right and proper and good and the photos feel comfortable. He's creating a series called Where I Write, and if you just wonder what some authors look like, it's something to see.

Joe Haldeman, writing in the early morning by candle-and-lamplight,
by Kyle Cassidy. Used with Permission.

What will you see? Ben Bova, happy in an ordered space with just enough clutter and model planes. Michael Swanwick, looking as though he were frozen in enthusiastic dance. Samuel R. Delaney, in fish-eye view, looking like he's at the center of a claustrophobic space about to explode (I felt rather the same way after I finally worked my way through Dhalgren). Joe Haldeman (pictured), writing by candle- and lantern-light in the early hou of the day in longhand in sketchbooks. Some writers use computers, some don't. But everything about them suggests that these are their happy places, the sort of place which is so personalized (and so lined with books/tapes/CDs/personal trinkets) that to enter such a place probably gets the juices flowing.

Kyle has lined up twenty authors so far, and is on the hunt for more. He'll be at WorldCon looking up some more (I'm, of course, hoping he gets Harlan Ellison). Word is that there is eventually a book to be out of this, and I'm looking forward to that.

The address to explore is http://whereiwrite.org. Kyle's site is http://kylecassidy.com.

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