29 August 2009

[pdx] An Orwell Reason To Visit The Hillsdale Library

2202.If you aren't stopping to look at the small displays that mount into the walls of the foyers of your local branch of the Multnomah County Library, you're missing out, Tex. Perforce, a lesson in how to look.

As mentioned, in the walls of the foyers of most of our library branches are small display boxes. They are typically decorated with a small, usually nifty, interpretive display with a theme. Latterly, one of the ones at the entry to my favorite branch, the one at Midland out 122nd way, had a very well done collage-y bit about Whitman and Blades of Grass.

I'm no poetry fan, but the work was well done, I'm just saying.

Rick Seifert, The Red Electric, has been given the chance to do a display in the Hillsdale branch (1525 SW Sunset Blvd). The theme, perfectly pertinent in as much as his CV indicates he's a "semi-retired" journalist and journalism teacher, is George Orwell, on the sixtieth anniversary of the publication of Nineteen Eighty-Four, which is a favorite book of mine, having been read (and re-read) many times over the years.

It contains niftyness – an old Remington 3 typewriter similar to the one Orwell used; a range of Orwell's books, and some explanatation.

It's worth a visit to your local library, yo. Crack a book, people!

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1 comment:

Ben said...

At least Multnomah County isn't closing the libraries for a week... yet.

Although, I prefer this strategy in Seattle (several months of notice, etc.) to staff or hours cutbacks. Mult. Co.'s hours are really erratic.