20 August 2009

[pdx] Life's A Sign That Gets Stolen From A Nonprofit

2197.I think that there should be a space reserved amongst perdition's flames for people who would steal from feminist non-profits:

Bitch magazine (http://bitchmagazine.org) is a non-profit, feminist media and advocacy. Go to thier site and read up on them. Just like every decent non-profit, they have to scrape for every dollar and penny, and that highly-excellent sign (photo screenclipped from the blog posting's pic, in the interest of publicity) was donated to them.

If you see this sign, kindly remove it from the possession of the cloaca that claims it as their boon and return it to the smart and passionate people at Bitch, who need this about as much as they need a hole in the head, yes?

Oh, and read this blog posting too. Put yourself in their place. Imagine something you care about gets damaged this way. How would you feel.

The fact that this is a cool design and that it's kickass typography enters into it for me, I won't lie. I am a self-made typographer and actual-trained designer, after all.

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