08 August 2009

[design] I'm On The Bēhance Network

2189.A very happy thing happened today. I just received an invitation to participate in the Bēhance network, http://www.behance.net.

The Bēhance online network is part of a company whose stated mission is to organize the creative world to make ideas happen. They have a good number of online presences, and Bēhance.net is the network that makes it possible for designers to have a wide exposure online.

My Bēhance online address now is http://www.behance.net/SamuelJohnKlein. You can visit there if you want, but I got this about three minutes ago, so there's nothing there to see – yet. I will perforce begin winnowing my digital files to add content to the free, unlimited portfolio they have there.

This is a nifty thing, no mistake there.

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