25 February 2010

[design] KWHSS: A Logo and Website Header For A Medieval Club's Conference

2330.The Society for Creative Anachronism's College of Heralds – the group within the society that does work announcing at tournaments and events, researches and documents names and designs for coats of arms – in my not-so-humble opinion, the closest thing America has to a true Heraldic college, one that grants coats of arms and such in the manner of the English College of Arms – is having a symposium coming up in June, the Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium, or KWHSS. I've spent a bit of time designing for that effort (disclaimer: The Wife™ is the "autocrat") and I'm going to spring this on her, this combination of header image and insular uncial-style font that I've just bashed together:

The logo – gold crossed trumpets behind a a dragon's head emerging from a red quill pen – combines three essentials. The trumpets are the traditional SCA emblem for the College of Heralds, the quill represents the scribes, and the dragon's head represents the Shire of Dragon's Mist – the hosting branch. In the SCA, the membership is organized into nineteen territories or "Kingdoms": "An Tir" is the Kingdom comprising Oregon, Washington, the Idaho Panhandle, and a great swath of western Canada (from BC all the way over to Saskatchwan).

The character of the An Tirian lands has long been compared to that of Ireland, specifically the area the conference is being held in (Dragon's Mist comprises Washington County) so the Irish-style Uncial type seemed a natural. I was fortunate to find the font at FontSpace, it's called Irish Unci Alphabet, and while all the Gaelic-themed fonts there are very good, very few of them have numerals in the set. This one does, and I recommend it. It's free (as in beer), by the way, and the license allows for commercial use.
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