18 February 2010

[web] Advisory: Firefox 3.6 Doesn't Do Preview From Dreamweaver CS3

2326.This is something that may impact your workflow if you use Adobe Dreamwever CS3 (and maybe CS4).

Dreamweaver designers are well-familiar with the quick-preview button on the Dreamweaver interface, and with the increasing presence of Firefox in the browser market, more and more web designers have a reason to have it point at Firefox.app.

I had just installed FF 3.6 earlier tonight and was designing along, working on a website, and clicked for the preview ... nothing. Firefox came to the front but no web page loaded.

I tried re-pointing the preview in Preferences – still no joy. I tried repairing permissions – nothing. The edited HTML file was there, all right – but Firefox wouldn't quick-preview from DWCS3. Searching teh Google showed me that it wasn't just me: a fair number of Web designers had turne up the exact same thing.

Right now the solution that works the best is just downgrading to Firefox 3.5.8. Skinnable Firefox is nifty, but it isn't a deal-breaker. I'm going to watch to see if Mozilla can give us a workaround that's less work than pointing the web browser at "file://Sundial_Four/Websites/Whatever".
Or, if you're not bothered by this problem, just Dreamweaver CS3-away. Just remember, if you want a preview in Firefox 3.6 (which is otherwise quite sweet) then you'll have to work around.

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