10 February 2010

[design] With This Business Card, Your Brand Will Be Locked 'n' Loaded

2319.(via) Ready to make your business card something James Bond might enjoy?

There seemingly is about half-a-million ways to make your business card memorable. As a graphic designer, even a rather unsuccessful one, I try to keep abreast of as many as I can, but I've never seen anything like this … A business-card penny-gun, with a 10-round magazine …

The thing is actually a card sandwich, with the middle layer (the impeller) being the thickness of a penny, and the outer layers being thicker for structural strength. The magazine is formed by a designed set of cuts which, when pressed up, form a place to hold the stack.

View Demo: at YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KNZZ9qDJtQ
Visit the Designer's Website: http://cardnetics.com/randd/pennyshooter.html for more angles and downloadable plans.

Sometimes self-promotional collateral is a labor-intensive proposition, but sometimes its worth it. I'll bet anyone you give this bit to will remember you.

This is a business card that will leave an impression … if you are reckless about it.

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Snowbrush said...

How ingenious!

Alize said...

Its different. I have never tried this before with the Business Cards. I really appreciate it.