16 July 2010

[art] Old-Fashioned Painting Of Building Ads ... Up There

The craft of building ads is something that seems to be on the way out, or maybe just looks that way. Hanging vinyl banners is quick, easy, and efficient - but a lot less charming.

When it came time to show off the perfect Stella Artois, though, the company chose the old-fashioned way. Up There is a short movie that details that struggle.

It's viewable at a page at this link right here: http://uptheremovie.com. Since it shows off beer ads, you have to be of legal age to view. Please don't lie to them.

It's about 12 minutes.

I was utterly charmed, myself. H/T to Pete Vogel.

(Bandwidth warning: I'm decidedly not happy with the streaming. On my older computer, sound galloped ahead of the pictures by more than a minute, and on the more powerful computer we have around here, there was so much rebuffering that the computer evenually gave up about 6 minutes in. You will enjoy what you do see, promise you that.)

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