16 July 2010

[liff] Question Of The Day

It would seem to me that the most absurd shelves in the used-book store are the ones with the self-help books on them.

Discuss amongst yaselves.

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Chicken Awesome said...

I steer clear of the self-help books at my local used book store. They have healthy comic book, music, and table-top roleplaying game sections to satisfy my tastes.

Found the 70s Ghost Rider issues 1-18 for $5. Good times.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

I know! Doesn't it seem that if self-help books really worked, you wouldn't see so many of them?

I go for the art section myself. I've been addicted to how-to art books for years. Sometimes I get them even when I don't plan on working in that medium. I just love knowing how.

Anklebuster said...

I love self-help books.
Unless you are referring specifically to self-improvement guides.
In which case, I just ignore those.

Do-it-yourself books are very educational, even if you don't plan to tackle whatever it is you're reading about. First, you get an appreciation for the true costs involved. This is not only money, but time and energy.

Second, you can have a better idea what a professional is talking about when you hire them to fix the thing you tried to do yourself :D

Judging from your comment about getting art how-to books, I would suppose that you agreed with me.
Therefore, you must be talking about Self-improvement books, eh?



Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Yes, Mitch, you are correct.

I refer, aber naturlich, to "self-improvment" books.

The clarification is sincerely appreciated.

Though now, when I think "self-improvment", I picture building a new kitchen on my upper arm.

I don't know why.

Melinda said...

I would approach the self-improvement section in a used book store with caution. I mean...there can be some really old books in there. You could end up walking out of there with a copy of the "Find the New You" guide to fashion, and you didn't notice it was published in the 1970's. Now you find yourself lost in Macy's looking for the polyester leisure suit section and wondering why the sales lady is laughing. Just a thought. :)