27 July 2010

[pdx] Thunderstorm Debris Over The Rose City

My The Wife" generally thinks I waste time and energy with Twitter, but paying attention to the Twitter stream pays off, I tell you what.

Earlier tonight, as I was doing some tech editing, I noticed my backyard was bathed in a beautiful salmon/ochre/russet-y sunset glow. Those are the best. They lend a timeless, eternal, suspended quality to the sunset. Very cozy.

At about 9:00 PM, Twitter-pal @forkfly said I encourage you all to look outside right now. Wow!, with a link to an amazing shot of the sky.

I dont know where @forkfly got that, but that roofline seems to make me want to say that was from somewhere in Sellwood.

Wow, indeed. I did look out, and got my own pix.

And this:

And this:

The first one was just to make sure I centered that big "bite" which adds to the drama of the cloud. The next two were to make something artistic out of the silhouette of the TV aerial, which for some reason makes me think of record album covers I'd known.

Watching the news a bit later on, we found that a lot of people caught this and uploaded them to the local TV outlets. KPTV-12's Mark Nelson seemed to be saying that this was some of what he called "thunderstorm debris" from all the t-storms we had east of the Cascades today. I didn't know that thunderheads broke up like that.

This beauty belies the gravity of the situation that the thunderstorms that spawned this amazingness probably marked the beginning of wildfire season on the dry side of Oregon, but here ... wow.

(NB: Forkfly's pic hotlinked to. All rights remain with the original picture taker. All rights reserved on my own)

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Cindy said...

Hey Samuel, great pics :) that is a nice sight to look at. We used to have some kind of clear yellow orange sky in the afternoon and for some reason, the rest of the surroundings have the same hue which looks nice and I just out in the house enjoying the view for like 10 minutes. It must be the hour nearing sunset.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Thanks for the ups.

That was in fact around 2130 (9:30 PM), yes it was just before sunset. And the back yard was bathed in the same light, and it's a little like time slows down and everything gets cosy and warm (but not uncomfortably warm)