13 October 2010

[artists] Chad Welch's Public Self-Improvement Project

Chad Welch is a Twitter acquaintance (@chadwelch) who's had his ups and downs and, like so many of us trying to carve out some sort of economic niche as an artists, latterly has had more than his share of obstacle.
I successfully quit smoking, balooned in size to a hefty 306 lbs, relationship woes with all its quick turns and unexpected corners, got tired of being big again and worked hard to loose a total of 31 lbs as of my last weigh in (which was a couple weeks ago). I picked up smoking again due to family and relationship stress, and, proudly unprompted, picked a quit date and stuck with it. This is my first week smoke free (again).

On top of all the health stuff, I've been struggling career wise as well. I know I should be somewhere better in my chosen creative fields, but feel like I'm just treading water, waiting for the fast-food shark to bite into me and drag me kicking and gargling into the food service industry just to make ends meet.

Truthfully, it scares the hell out of me. And that's a good thing.
Now, Chad has decided to take the route of many in this age of accessability and not only display his struggle on the web at a blog but also inviting readers to keep him accountable.

I'll be following him because I have a feeling that I'll probably learn something valuable here. At least, about motivation.

You can follow along too at Accountable Chad: http://accountablechad.blogspot.com/.

He also has a website, http://chadwelchart.com/. He's a way better artist than me. Well, at least for now ... until I get that practice in.

Let's root for the guy, yes?

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