31 March 2011

[art] I Sometimes Do Drawrings. Do You Want To See, You Cheeky Monkeys?

2592.I'm sorry to say, I lied a little in the last posting. I said I can't share anything in my diary with you (specifically, my writing) but I can share one thing with you. I did a drawring:

Diary Drawing at Powells

It's okay. You can look! I've put no sensitive information there. As a matter of fact, I'm rather insufferably proud of my handwriting, so please look!

Here's a tighter angle on the girl:

Diary Girl

As happy as I am with the way this turned out (so far - it needs inking), I must say that it is not an original. It's a copy of an illustration done by Hanie Mohd, http://onion-sama.livejournal.com, http://oniyon.deviantart.com, which appeared on the cover of the crafting zone CROQ, Issue 4, Spring 2006 (I see a lot of CROQ now that The Wife™ has taken up crafting). Here's a screenclip of a graphic I found that has that illo:

CROQ Goth Chick

I think I came creditably close. I'm not quite finished, and may or may not ink - there's writing on the other side of the page and I don't want bleed-through to send what I've written there into oblivion.

Hanie's high-contrast style captured me as did her drawing style as pertains to pretty women (which has given me pause to realize just how much art in this world is inspired by pretty women. Also, pretty women are fun to draw, as Terry Moore (Strangers In Paradise) has pointed out … and when it comes to "pretty", let's just say that pretty is decidedly in the eye of the beholder). One of the exercises I'm putting myself through to recover my creative self is to draw illustrations I find that I enjoy looking at, and I did enjoy looking at this one. So much detail and richness out of a high-contrast image!

There are other very attractive and engaging images in this issue of the zine that I'm going to copy into my diary before I give it back to the library. Copying the illustrations of others removes a block I've had lately - coming up with things to draw. Naturally, these are not drawn to sell or even to publish for money, but simply for practice.

I thereby thank Hanie Mohd for merely existing. The lady (who I likely will never meet) has enriched my life.

And the style is just wonderful. Can't get past that.

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