17 March 2011

[pdx] St. Unicorn's Day … A Day To Remember

2584.Whatever you think of Portland's special atmosphere, that which makes us special didn't just happen. Oh, it's an environment that promotes itself, true, and that's a first cause, but, as Dr. Hans Reinhardt cogently said before he dove the USS Cygnus into the black hole in that Disney movie, "what caused … that cause?"

Unicorns!Research is ongoing here at the Portland Unicorn Institute for Portland Unicorn Studies, but every avenue of research conducted has led ineluctably to the conclusion that PDX is indeed built on an ancient unicorn burial ground. Our crazy, friviolous, delightful, NYT-celebrated culture most likely descends from this very fact.

Research has slowed a bit because grants are hard to come by latterly, but we do what we can on what we have, and the direction the research is going is promising Additionally cheering is that many independent lines of research have developed, the most notable being independent scholars such as Dave Strom and Mike Vogel. Each approaches the discipline with their own style and jenny say qua, as the French say. We don't know what that is.

But still, knowing that differing reasearch lines converge toward the same thing must feel like when Liebniz and Newton independently developed the Calculus - after the hairpulling catfight over came up with it first, of course. Intellectual joy!

We work tirelessly toward a view on our shared Unicornate past, as well as the view or Portland history that that will define. Until then, on St. Unicorn's day - have a drink in their honor. But don't drink to forget - drink to remember.

Because that's the way we roll here in PDX, yo.


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