12 March 2011

[comix] Free Donna Barr! Comix, I Mean! In Yer RSS And Suchlike!

2581.Donna Barr is famous for a very good reason - great art! Great art! Great art, and great stories … two! Two very good reasons: Great art, great stories, great characters … three, three very good reasons …

And here's two very important examples: This fellow is the Desert Peach:


And this fellow is Steinhard Löwhard … or "Stinz":


And they are the most amazing characters. One of the biggest draws to me for Barr's art and storytelling is the obvious affection with which she blends German history, astoundingly original characters and believable situations. The Peach blends WWII life in North Africa with a M*A*S*H-like sensibility for the absurdity of the human condition in war and the simultaneous fragility and resiliency of the human spirit, and Stinz blends the Wilhelmine German empire with … centaurs of all things. And all the characters become friends, which is just the thing that any great storyteller must do and succeed at.

Donna's two websites, http://desert-peach.com and http://stinz.com, are posting the whole run, an new comic daily. So that even though you ought to buy yourself Donna's books, if you can't, you can read them, one new (or new-to-you) comic a day, and there's even an RSS feed, yo … you load it into your RSS reader and you'll never miss one! And it's free. SUCH A DAMN DEAL!

If you aren't reading, why not? I expect a good answer to that question.

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