18 April 2011

[art] A New Diary Girl: Ashley Judd

2606.Latesley, I gots to draw. And here's another "Diary Girl":

Ashley Judd 1

I have a lot of lady co-workers, and a lot of mags like People, Us Weekly, and stuffs like that find their way to work. And they do have good poses and models - being glamourous women, they invite looking especially for art's sake.

I get good breaks on my job but they're shortish - enough to keep ones sanity, not enough to play, say, Risk. And I took a copy of one of the latest People, with a story about Ashley Judd and good photos. I'm not that big a fan of Ashley - not that she's bad or anything, just never acted in anything that lit my candle - but she is a fairly pulchritudinous celebrity, I think it must be admitted. And somthing inside of me seems to say that I might grow as an artist if I draw what's at hand - you can't always pick and choose your subject. The shortness of the work break mean you have to make your moves count. I wanted to see if I could complete anything quickly. Turned out, I could.


… and it almost looks like her, too.

Drawing what you see is hard in the details, like the eyes. But I'm getting there.

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