24 April 2011

[logo_design] Descendants of Original NY Yankees Logo Desiger Suing For Rights

2609.This story may or may not demonstrate the wisdom of getting it in writing, depending on how the court case works out.

The New York Yankees "Top Hat" logo is, if not among the most famous logos, certainly one of the most recognizable, and carries a lot of history and fame. The logo was reputed to have been created by Kenneth Timur in 1936 who, according to the article at CNN, apparently depended on the good will of the Yankees organization to be properly recompensed:

Buday explains that her uncle was not aware that the Yankees adopted the logo until he immigrated to America in 1947 and was asked to revise the logo for their 1952 celebration of 50 years based in New York City.

She claims Timur was hopeful that this time the sports franchise would offer him some kind of recognition, but took the opportunity to "sign" his work with a "P." Instead of 1903 to 1952, the logo appears as "1P03-1952" on the patches of the uniform.

A spokesperson for the organization quipped in response This is a wonderful country where anybody can sue for anything, even when the allegations are over 70 years old. And there, though I'm not a lawyer, would appear to be at least one place where there may be a crux of the matter. There may indeed be a credit due, but a delay of 70 years would seem, to this layman, to be a big obstacle to the claims of the descendants.

Good luck to the litigants, and we'll keep our eye on this one.

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Steeve Frank said...

it is first time i am hearing that yankees logo was designed by Tiffany & Co,
Is that real true ?

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