26 March 2014

[logo] 2 Fun Logos Spotted In The OC

Returning once again to that little hidden gem, downtown Oregon City, I found two fun and kind of funny logos on a business there.

The Verdict is a restaurant and lounge located on 8th Street between Main St and McLoughlin Blvd, directly across the street from the south face of the Clackamas County Courthouse, whence it obviously draws its inspiration. I've never been there but we might go sometime; the menu looks witty and in the parlance of the review sites, the prices are one-and-a-half to two $'s.

The logo, which is witty, looks like this:

With the scales of justice at different levels, I'd say we're looking at a split decision.

They also have an adjoining function space (in a building that their website avers is the oldest commercial building standing in Oregon) called, appropriately …

… The Holding Cell.

Whimsy in logo design is apparently a Constitutional right.

Case closed, though appealing.

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