09 March 2014

[pdx] Local Model Shows Off PDX Unicorn Wear, ca. 2012!

Sherman, set the wayback machine to about sixteen months ago. We at OryCon 34, not at all ready for the apocalypse that wasn't, and me and The Wife™are getting ready to attend the annual Who's Line Is It Anyway performance, and I have a spiffy new phone that'll take pixs and have teh Bluetoof and stuff.

And we meet a fellow con-goer.

Now, some time before, me and a few wired locals (most notably Dave Strom, who once ran the site Dave Knows Portland (which was DaveKnows.com but that site has gone on to alphabet heaven, alas, however Dave and his sweetie Heather and their twin sons and kitteh can be followed at the blog Mile73)were furiously spreading the word that Portland is, indeed, built over an ancient unicorn burial patch (there were others involved, and it's been long enough that your names escape me, but I remember how much fun that was, so if you stumble this way, feel free to check in).

It never got as meme-worthy as I'd like (nothing ever seems to) but it did get hooves. Because here I was, at OryCon 33, and I spot this lady (whose name has been lost in the memory graveyard):

She agreed for a photeaux. Here's a closer look:

The original attempt to post this is at this entry hyar (http://zehnkatzen.blogspot.com/2012/11/pdx-orycon-34-portland-unicorns-got-legs.html) shows the tiny pixs I was then able to get.

Yeah, I'll bear up under the embarrassment of taking that long to figure out how to turn on the Bluetooth feature of my cell phone, because these pix are just that awesome.

Another awesome thing to note is that Portland's most awesome uncelebrated holiday, St. Unicorn's Day 2014, is coming next week on the 17th. Drink to remember the sweet Unicorns which died so that Portland can be a city that doesn't suck.

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