08 March 2014

[Out122ndWay] Famous Model Photoshopped By Local Photog! ZOMG!

It's true! Like many photographers, I have a favorite model, and occasionally I nudge a bit in Photoshop.

Well, it's Mount Hood again. I don't know whether the same ethical rules apply, but I find my favorite model voluptuous.

Today I went up 122nd from Sandy because of the beautiful slate-grayness of the clouds and how the bright-white of the mountains stood out against it. I got a photo of the mighty mountain that looked like this:

… and here's where I actually admit I tell the lie. But it's not a lie, not really, it's an interpretation; the way cameras have trouble reflecting what I'm actually seeing. The mountain, since I know how to look at it, appears a certain way in my mind. More like the above, and less like this, which is close to what it actually looked like:

Not actually too bad, Wy'east is always gorgeous no matter the weather, provided it can be seen, of course (you know the old joke? You can use Mount Hood to forecast the weather. If you can't see it, it's raining; if you can, it's going to). But a bit of tone and contrast adjustment in PS and it pops better, nudging the curves function makes it even better.

This next photo is more of the above (again, it's cropped to give the mountain the scene-composition that it really needs to dominate) …

 … and I showed it to you so I can contrast it with this:

What a difference, yeah? I really went to town in the adjustments … earlier, I realized when I adjusted the curves thus and such, that rose-colored area emerged out of the left hand side of the picture. The clouds in the sky take on a certain nacre-like quality, and the scene, on the whole, acquires the feel, sort of, of a pastel picture.

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