03 October 2005

[42] Where I'm Going With All This

Regular watchers of this chronicle (and I'm grateful for them) will note a bit of a decrease in my posting frequency. There's reasons for this, of course.

One is the hard but happy task of helping to build Designorati and my two personal hobbyhorses, Designorati:Typography and Designorati:Cartography. Look at it this way: if someone gave you the chance to explore what really, really interested you, and allowed you to publish it in a visible spot, would you?

If you have a pulse, you ought to say yes.

I'm learning about "passion". What it is that drives me. I feel that now more clearly than ever now that I have an outlet for it. They've said the path that's named is not that path, but that's not necessarily so.

I think about design pretty much all the time now. Now that I've left school and the assignments aren't coming at me at a constant pace, I don't have that much to design at the present, but I have a lot to think about.

This 'blog, for instance. I've learnt enough about the template to subsitute a header image; it would stand to reason one of the next things to learn is how it works so I can create my own design. I've said it before-I hate default styles. I'll only settle for them when I must. right now, I must. In the future, no, no longer.

While I don't have a steady paying job yet, some doors are starting to open. Designorati is one. I not only get to go on about what moves me I get to learn about getting along from some pretty frickin' cool people. Our conference room and water cooler is email, and every day there's a new lesson to be had. I am a gnat amongst giants, but they still like me.

I'm not ending this 'blog-no, far from it, but the posting frequency will stretch out a bit as I supply content to Designorati and continue to do so at QuarkVSInDesign. The content may seem to change in tone a little, but it will only a little; it's a personal outlet but there will be more about design in it. The Address Nerding will continue until I have a great unified description about how addresses work all over. I will continue being Painfully Portland and Smugly Native Oregonian here.

I'm a little pumped. And not from rum this time. I really am high on life right now. It's a curious feeling.

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Pariah S. Burke said...

I'm not a fan of country music--nor of hip hop or rap for that matter. But I have thoroughly enjoyed an Alabama concert, as well as numerous club performances by country, rap, or hip hop bands. I've also had lacklustre experiences at concerts by musicians whose albums I spin in perpetuity without tiring.

Why? Because recorded music is about listening, like the music or dislike it. Live music is about the experience. it's about being swept up in the passion and exhuberance felt by a perfomer for his art. Regardless of the genre of the music, regardless of whether it's played well or poorly, if the artist has passion for his music, I enjoy myself.

Writing is the same. Reading news is about obtaining information; reading editorial is about the experience.

You write well, from a technical standpoint, but that's not what makes your writing truly enjoyable to read. It's your passion for the subjects of your writing.

A gnat among giants... Funny, some of the other team members have said the same of you.

BTW, I really dig the new header image!