05 October 2005

[blog_design] First Lesson

Noting the size of my links list I've decided that a real nifty nav trick would be to put a links directory as one of the first things on the sidebar. I know anchors, or at least I thought I did. Just spent two days finding out the hard way that now you have to close name anchors too:

<a name="whatever">

Has to look like this:

<a name="whatever"></a>

Or the spacing will be all funny. Please make a note of it!

Also, in this very post, I've learnt highly useful and irritating things about the gt and lt bracket codes. This is hard work!


Rob Salzman said...

anchor tags have always required an end tag. In fact, browsers have in the past encouraged you to be lazy - and allow unclosed continers like for div, li. But it's not good html, and won't validate. I suggest you use one of the online validators to do checking for that sort of error!

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Rob, thanks for the suggestion. You're right, now that I think about it, about the need to close all anchor tags, but since I was getting along for so long not having them I figured that was the way they were supposed to be...at least the name anchors, anyway.

Thanks also for the constructive suggestion for using one of the online validators. I hadn't thought of that.