11 October 2005

[media] Advertising Guys

  • That Outrageous Audio guy. Blaine, I think his name is. Been watching him late nights for years now. I just realized that you could get the same combination of livid features and voice tone rising into the risible band at the end of every sentence if he recited those lines during a painful medical procedure. Just a thought
  • Fonk, Fonk, Fonk!!!! The Vern Fonk insurance commercial is so stupid it's funny. "You'll take me, dude? IRRROON MAIIIDEN I'll be right overrr!"
From the ranks such as these will come my generation's Tom Peterson. S'pose we can get ol' Blaine there to do a "Wake Up!" commercial. Shame there's no Xonix TV's to sell anymore. Oh honest-to-cats Portland Wrestling, come to that.

  • I still wonder, if you held Don LaPre's hands to his sides and made him do his spiel, would he detonate?


stan said...


My roommate used to work for Blaine for a couple of years, and has said (no surprise) that he's an Outrageous Idiot.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Yeh. I remember the first times I'd seen him on TV he'd repeat that line at the end of every commercial, and I thought, "hey, funny tag line".

My The Wife™ got us some audio from Outrageous. She says it's an interesting place to visit. Very small and crowded with merchandise. She didn't meet Blaine, however.

Idiot, huh? I guess a personality as big as all that just kind of spills over into obnoxious.

I gotta give him credit, tho', it takes guts to act like that on a commercial. I get kind of goofy in person but I sure couldn't do that.