07 November 2005

[Address_Nerd] The New Sherwood Addresses, By The Numbers

A while back I posted as to how the addresses in Sherwood were being changed.

A quick recap: up until this time, addresses in the older parts of Sherwood (those around Sherwood Blvd, south from the city center to about Sunset Blvd, and a little east and west of there) had an independent grid from the greater Metro metagrid. Pine Street and N and S Sherwood Blvd divided the old town area east from west, and West Villa St, Railroad Avenue, and Oregon Street divided north from south, resulting in a cross defining four familiar sounding directional areas-NW/SW/NE/SE.

Since then the new areas of town (mostly in the old Six Corners, north and west from Pacific Hwy, and south of Sunset Blvd west to the Pacific Hwy junction) have adopted the metagrid and have not extended the city address pattern. Presumably to simplify dispatch of city and county services, Sherwood decided to eliminate its traditional address pattern in favor of normalizing all city address areas to correspond to the county address grid.

That process is well underway. Very recently I got a copy of the new Sherwood address list, and there are a few more changes than merely the house number and the changing of all directional prefixes to SW.

The house numbers, of course, will be changing. A notional address at the corner of what was NW Washington Street and NW 1st Street in Sherwood Old Town would adopt either an address in the 15900 block of SW 1st Street or the 22400 block of SW Washington Street. Addresses that were once on NE Oregon Street, from the address baseline out to the city 1800 block, now run as 15300-14600 SW Oregon Street. N Sherwood Blvd, which ran from the city 300 block out to the city 1100 block at old Six Corners, are now 22300-21500 on SW Sherwood Blvd.

Those are mere examples, but reproducing the entire list is a bit much for the scope of a 'blog entry. But there are changes in city street names that can be listed and definitely bear mentioning. These follow.

SE G&T Drive will now be called SW Brickyard Dr.
This is, to me, an unhappy thing. G&T Drive is such a very cool name, and I'm sad that they feel as though they have to ashcan it. New addresses run from 14700 block to 14900 block.

SE Roy St. becomes two new streets: SW Upper Roy St and SW Lower Roy St.
With the disappointment that is losing "G&T Drive", at least we have this little nifty bit of local character. SE Roy St jogs at SE Willamette St, creating a discontinuity. The new plan recognizes this by making the north part (old addresses from the base to the 200 block, new addresses 22100 to 22480) SW Lower Roy St, and the south part (old addresses 400-1800, new addresses 22600-22900) SW Upper Roy St. Willamette Street still forms the division between the two.

South Sherwood Blvd to be renamed to SW Main Street.
South Sherwood Blvd was the logical (if not physical) extension of the main n-s road through the old part of town. On the map it appaears as though the old downtown grid interrupts Sherwood Blvd. Physically, South Sherwood Blvd acted as an extension of old NW Main Street into the south portion of town. This change applies the Main Street name onto the road that extends out of the old downtown core. New addresses range from 22400 to 23400.

NE and SE Oregon Street now SW Oregon Street along its entire length.
Not an unexpected change, but a welcome one, eliminating a rather silly confusion.

SW Park Row now known as SW Park Row Ave.
Apparently they're allergic to any but the standard street types. New addresses in the 22800 and 22900 block, formerly 500 and 600 blocks.

West Villa St (Rd) renamed to SW Villa Rd.

Old addresses in the 400-999 range, now in the 16200-16699 range.

And that's it! Enjoy your new addresses, you Sherwood people, and be prepared to give directions to cab drivers.

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