01 November 2005

[design] Shortcut to Photoshop Tutorials

Between creating content for Designorati, keeping my eye on the ball for upcoming freelance opportunities (yes, me! whodathot) and resting up from 10 hour stints at The Job Which Must Not Be Named, I don't get a lot of time to practice Photoshop. That's why I turn to tutorials.

I've used tutorials to make glassy, OS X-style buttons, make a cool microphone, and more. Scott Kelby's Photoshop books are dead necessary items in the toolbox. But sometimes you want to surf out to a site that'll tell you how to do this or that little effect, or just play around with teh hotness that is Photoshop.

Recently a query was posted in the Yahoo! Graphic Designers Resource Group asking for tutorial websites. User "Char" responded with a list that I thought was quite good.

Here it is, offered without warranty; where-is-as-is, guys.
Now, as I said, I can't guarantee thier quality; I've only visited a few. The myJanee.com site is a very friendly and sweet site, and very cheerful. Team Photoshop is great, as is Planet Photoshop. Additionally, if you want to hone your newfound gurutude, some sites–myJanee.com I am aware does this–hold Photoshopping competitions for bragging rights. Sort of like Fark.com without the gutter humor. No cash prizes but great opportunities to flex your PShop muscles.

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