16 November 2005

[design] Would You Believe...A Sudoku Generator for Adobe InDesign?

Over on Designorati, the inimitable Elisabetta Bruno, DTP doyenne extraordinaire, let us all know about a couple of free plugins from Rorohiko.com.

One is a nifty-sounding thing called "Place-auto-synchronize", which makes live subscription to placed files possible. That's cool enough. But would you believe they make a free plug-in that generates Sudoku puzzles for your layouts?

'Strewth! Go here to see it.

Meanwhile, over on Designorati:Photoshop, PShop expert Jeremy Schutz is producing a series of nifty little how-tos – bite-sized tutorials on little useful things, like how to get that pet-eye reflection out of your photos (a technique that was, per se, developed by one of my other Designorati colleagues, Sara Froehlich).

It's useful stuff, you people! Other people would make you pay for it, but we give it away–how cool is that?

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